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Egyptian of the Past


My skin draped with silk cocoons

I am hibernating with a fever

I’m awaiting the day when a vapour will hover above my nest

I waken, by falling into the abyss

Invisibility surrounds the premises

Like the horizons-of-the soldiers prayer

An invitation is handed to me

I go on reading with frailty

I observe the obscenity

Exercise to my forbidden oblivion

With hatred I play the banjos

Off to my journey looking for autumn

With a wrench of rain on my umbrella

I scrawled my condolences to the invitation of the past

And casting an order to monsieur’s phantom

But the congestion was too much

And I had to deliver the mail to the Egyptian of the past


Jack Linou: 1992

Ghettos Which Were Never Not


In the dense entangled street

Where the web of reality is weaving

People unknown to be gathered around to meet

Don’t know each other but all have an intriguing believing

And somehow they are all achieving

The concrete shatters from their restless feet

While some shoes look to fancy and neat

Someone must be deceiving

In all is great, every form must count

I watched the dance well

Where my convincing form was repeated

Now advanced and now retreated

With winter altering to a spring

I left my black umbrella falling into a well

Destroyed the seasons

Before the completion

As the drops of acid grew and fell

By the rocky mountain side

I see now the faces in the crowd

Echoes glancing, wakened my spell

The lights in the water were dancing

My thoughts now I scream aloud

And the joys of truth are now enhancing

Feeling my amends and making me proud


Jack Linou: 1993

The Explosions of Mixed Words


Explore the undivided side of the never ending brain

Make taste decisions to set a green light on its rightful way

The confusion is an enormous fusion

Which ignites twenty-four hours a day

The expression of the wonderful formation of daily living

The destination to the fountain of youth

Is at your birthplace, finding your deathbed

And then, the enlightened will allow the soul

To breathe through the invisible spirit of air

And the human force

Of life will allow

The souls of earth to carry on till eternity

Position the posture of a mountain

Which gives rights to the land of weight

Not a roaring lion or the sounds of the jungle will cry for life

The taste of being alive runs through all mountains

The growth of a tree shows that mother earth

Is surviving the torture of man

On upon not knowing the true reality


Jack Linou: 1991

The Ignorance of Life


The trail of manipulation begins

Jury of justice, absorbs their own failures

The dog without the collar is a nomad

Woman with diamond bracelet is respected

My hands are open to sign the pledge to clean one’s head

Ignorance when the Vestal Virgin had the key to her chastity belt

Unlawful desires shattered my forbidden fruit

I expose my hidden identities

Brothels keep living on immoral earnings

Now my book was judged without the hearing

Of the chapter being told

Casanova went wife swapping

The judge’s daughter was a fornicator

People must not speak over one’s wealth

Or bars shall swell over their eyes for life

Tribunal was balanced with political throne

Forces of law and order were upholding the truth

And the twelve good men are they true?

Less there be the killing of an animal

For the splendour of a fur coat being worn

This must be dismissed

I am now outlawed for the price on one’s head

For the ignorance of the untold future


Jack Linou: 1990


My mortal is shelled at death shut inside a narrow box

But I am confined for life

Oh God, I am a bitter paradox

I crouch low and supplicant

My elbow is knocking on the wood

But with a cry too thin to hear

Implores the God that somehow would

The children laugh and stretch their hands crying out for Jack

But with a sudden brutal thrust

They caught my head and pushed me back

All lonely Jack shut up in boxes composed of odds and ends of wood

Who have such brief amended?

Chanced to see the world and find it good

Will bring him to a just release

He awaits the tapping of the locks

He hears the children calling Jack

But they think he’s sleeping in his box

To give two toys of sticks of straws of less emotions that we draw

Might yet be turned upon ourselves

To show each in his narrow piece

Of flesh and blood like Jack’s of straw

Shut down and crying for release


Jack Lnou:1989

 Hearing Voices


I hear her voice diverging around the open window of my ear

The warmth of your love so far away gives the strength

Of a thousand lions roaring through the jungle

My mind is thrown into your heart, as an astral travelling is occurring

I establish a concrete base so far away and burn with the energy of love

The seeping voice that runs through your veins

The taste of your tender lips, seeing them seduced

The voice of your own

The cry in the night runs through my veins wanting to hold you

As the pillow is mounted on my chest and my mind is travelling

My eyes only glimpsed the beauty that is holding me feeling you

Smelling the beauty of your skin

Like being in a garden of roses raining on our heads

And as you are so far away and you know not of my dream and wanting you

You yourself go through a wonderful feeling of being wanted

And taste the love of one that loves


 Jack Linou: 1988

To Seek Your Soul


Dire monstrosities they will dare a sail

I can see clear a common man

There sounded in my ears

I hear a twittering and crowing and then

I feel through closed ranks of hooves

I cut my way

Buried my fingers in half boiled flesh

Seagulls spiraling savagely over me

They tore my flesh like sifting through mesh

I slit sharp noses

Trod on tongues

Seized shaggy manes

I shook bald heads by their beards

Because they heard dawn herald had fled in terror

And tribulation from the rising day

Interrogation I conveyed to grasp my soul

Jack Linou: 1987

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