National Gallery of Victoria - Melbourne Art Book Fair 2021

proudly presents LINOU PRESS  into the program.

                                                                               Friday 26th March - Sunday 28th March

LINOU PRESS is an new independent publisher that focuses it's lens at the underbelly of social  / political issues that uncover alternative perspectives on art and culture.


The first book was produced during the 2020 COVID lockdown and it's dedicated to my younger brother Jack Linou, who  died at the age of 33 in 1997, and struggled with drug addiction, depression and living with HIV /AIDS.


Yet over a period of twelve years, he made an amazing array of artwork, which is illustrated in the book.  Jack found ways to overcome his struggle through arts practice and the book highlights his exceptional artwork, which is supported by short stories and theoretical inquires about art and addiction.


The book is available to purchase for $50  though this website

and from the following bookshops:

                                                               Hares and Hyenas

                                                               Brunswick Bound

ISBN: 978-0-6451269-0-7    

Book size: 22 x 22cm square. Hard cover,  full colour on gloss paper. 120 pages.

The publisher will set up an art installation in Hosier laneway and reproduce one of Jack's artworks and paint it on the wall. Linou Press will also present their next publication, Polis Politic: Street of Guerrilla Art, about street art.

Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 March 2021

11 am - 3pm


 .... Testimonials from people appearing in the book ....


"I like an artist who is unique and stands out with a their own style and Jack was a unique artist. You knew it was a Jack work straight away"


Alexi Alexi

"His incredible drive to create and express himself led to the huge artistic output he amassed over a relatively short time."


Hans Kreiner

"I didn't quite comprehend the gravity of his struggles living with addiction and HIV."

Connie Sgardelis

 "A good and bad thing came out of Jack having HIV. It gave him an opportunity to become an artist, but the virus killed him."

George Linou

"Jack showed me another part of life, and I proudly have his art work hanging on the walls in my home."

Steve Linou

"I am not a realist painter due to the reason that I live with realism everyday. Surrealism is the core of my imagination" Jack Linou. 1993

"He pursued his own uniqueness by sneaking across the borderline of convention"

Janet Williams











.... Tributes ....

The following film is a documentary made by Jack's nephew, Alex Linou,  Alex has created a snapshot that highlights Jack and the making of the book.

A documentary by Alex Linou, honouring his Uncle Jack

A Brother's Legacy: by Alex Linou                                                               Running Time: 4min

Jack diligently applied himself to learn about a range of arts practices from a self – tutoring process. He was a naïve self-taught artist working outside of the normal realm of visual arts.


His work is exciting, unique and has a quality that distinctly separates him from the general field of artists, as he followed his own intuitive response to recording his experiences through illustrations, poetry and performance.

Even thou we are in the midst of an unprecedented pandemic, where the COVID virus is threatening many lives. This site is also a way to provide a platform that continues to keep HIV / AIDS awareness of those gone but not forgotten. There was a time in the 1980’ where the fear of HIV/AIDS was perceived to stem from the disposable community; gays, prostitutes and drug users.

Sadly my brother Jack was a drug user and contracted the virus through a shared syringe. Jack in those days and other drug users were consider a low priority.
Hence why its crucial to reminding people that amongst the thousands of numbers and statistics of death, that a pandemic creates  and of  the many ripples of sorrow that a single virus  can affect many families and friends.
The book showcases a collection of Jack’ artwork, in commemoration of World AIDS day, and to continue the of awareness of HIV /AIDS . The book is a symbol of remembrance and this commemoration is woven into pages that celebrate the art of Jack Linou.
For more about Jack's other works, please see the website dedicated to his arts practice


The Melbourne Art Book Fair 2021 will bring together publishers, artists and designers to showcase some of the world’s best art and design publications with a newly distributed form of online platforms, and events at NGV, around Melbourne and for the first time in regional Victoria. The annual event (since 2015) provides vital links with international fairs in New York, London, Tokyo and Paris, the Melbourne Art Book Fair celebrates Melbourne’s status as one of only eleven UNESCO Cities of Literature in the world.


For more details about the NGV Book Art Fair, please see NGV website link.

Please share your stories about the Book Fair through this hashtag: #MelbourneArtBookFair 



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